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Crashman EOH/MVC by Laspacho, Excursion and God_King

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Crashman EOH/MVC by Laspacho, Excursion and God_King

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:30 am

Crashman By: Laspacho
Coded By: Excursion
Vocals By: God_King

With over a year in the making Crashman enters the battle in your Mugen. I started this character in December 2007 immediately after finishing Metalman. I had him completely sprited in 6 months. I had so much fun making Crashman, and obviously my second favorite Megaman Boss. As soon as I originally made Crashman as Metalman's striker I immediately knew I wanted to make him into a full character.
I always wanted to make a stage with the Castle from Megaman 2 in the background. So here is my first stage Wily Castle.
Thanks very much Excursion for coding, you did a awesome job.
Thanks UltraRoboninja for the Crashman stage. Enjoy!
Feedback welcome. ;D
I already know the AI needs to be tweaked for a future update.

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