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[Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino's Rampage stage

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[Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino's Rampage stage Empty [Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino''s Rampage stage

Post by Guest on Mon May 18, 2009 6:22 am

[Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino's Rampage stage Mugen24-1 [Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino's Rampage stage Mugen29-1

It's uh.. Still the 17th somewhere, right.? RIGHT.? Yea, I thought so. ;*))

[Beta] Rhino by .Batzarro. + Rhino's Rampage stage Rhinoport2-1
(An update of this pic for the DCvM screenpack is in the character folder, updated and ready to go into the char.)

Well, here comes the BETA of Rhino. Not gonna give a percentage as I'm not sure how far in he really is, but there's still a hell of a lot more that's going to be added into him. A lot of it already sprited, just didn't have the time to add the stuff in AND make it into the IMT Release Party. So, I choose to share this with the public and just update him with all the extra goodies not too far down the line.

Well, enough talk, take a look at how far along he is at the moment. Smile

First vid of him done, and as I said, soon after I made the first vid he'd probably get a beta release. Well, here it is.

Last, but definitely not least, check the "ReadMe" for what he has so far, what's yet to come, and thanks to all the people that made this char possible so far. Especially my main men, the coder to Rhino, MGMurrow and the guy doing the vocals, ShockDingo. These guys deserve a round of applause for everything they've done. =D>

ENJOY.! :w00t:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, he only has one intro and one win pose so far coded in. Sorry, kiddos, but more stuff's a comin'. 👍

Download here:

Download links are at the vid's description too.


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